The Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria (ADVAN) has fixed Thursday, September 14, 2017 for its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the Annual Marketers Day.The theme for this year’s event is ‘Marketing Next’ and it seeks to highlight the trends, technologies, and innovations that are fast emerging in the Global Marketing space, and how it will ultimately affect and shape the Nigerian Marcomms Industry. As well as this A two-week digital school has commenced in Lagos state for Nigerians who aspire to be grounded on how to boost their businesses or pursue a career in the field.

These events are key for Nigerian businesses and industries so that experts can mix skills, interact with new technologies and find new strategies to build their businesses. As Nigeria is now Africa’s economic powerhouse, having overtaken South Africa as the largest economy, Nigerian businesses will now begin to expand more and more into surrounding countries and into the African continent. This continued expansion will require marketing experts with the right skills and determination to analyse and succeed in these new markets.

For too long we have seen Marketing and especially sales skills, as something that are natural to some people and unnatural to others, whereas we can all agree that academic skills can be learnt through hard work and being studious. Sales and Marketing skills can be acquired and it is imperative that Nigerian businesses get the right sales and marketing skills over the next 10 years and events like the Annual Marketers Day will help with this.

Now some organisations are starting to fill this gap and are bringing best practice in Sales, Marketing, Digital Marketing and Leadership, at the right price. They provide qualifications that are from pre graduate to Post graduate and are a fraction of the cost of Masters qualifications that have been the preferred choice of many professionals in these industries up until now.

Once we are able to integrate our skills effectively through events like this and build strategic partnerships , so that Nigerian employees are at the cutting edge of their industries, the next challenge will be to begin passing these same skills onto younger people through the school system, so that by the time they become adults they already have a foundation in Sales, Marketing and Digital Marketing, which in the capitalistic world we live in, are some of the most important skills we can teach them.

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